Established in 2019, Blackfi Re is a company focused on managing Catbonds/Sidecars and other reinsurance vehicles targeting insurance pools of self-driven cars/trucks, 5G networks and phones, terrorism and nuclear/EMP disasters, political risks, satellites, orbitals, spacecraft, launch vehicles and space-mining.

Blackfi Re provides risk management products and services to the insurance, reinsurance and other risk marketplaces. The Company focuses on delivering risk solutions to clients and brokers by whom Blackfi Re’s expertise, analytics and customer service offerings are demanded. With an emphasis on deriving superior returns from both sides of the balance sheet, Blackfi Re manages its assets according to a value-oriented multiasset-focused strategy that supports the goal of long-term growth in book value per share.

Our Long-term General Reinsurance products are treaty, excess of loss and facultative for insurance pools of self-driven cars and passenger & delivery drones, door delivery robots, 5G phones and carrier networks, terrorism and nuclear/EMP disasters, political risks, satellites, spacecraft, reusable launch vehicles, spacemining infrastructure and specific counterparty credit risks such as those emanating from derivatives and financial transactions.


Exceptional Team

Proprietary Tools

Award Winning Service

Underwriting Strategy

Blackfi Re offers treaty, excess of loss and quota share products across a range of classes in the emerging technology-driven infrastructure and casualty market. Our underwriting approach varies by class and type of opportunity.